13” Spiral Cutterhead Replacement Toolkit - CUTECH PS200


13” Spiral Cutterhead Replacement Toolkit - CUTECH PS200

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13" SPIRAL CUTTERHEAD ASSEMBLY FITS 40200H, 40600H, TP1300 & R4330 


The 13" Spiral Cutterhead Replacement Toolkit - CUTECH PS200 is an essential upgrade for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering distinct advantages over traditional straight-blade cutterheads.

Benefits of the CUTECH PS200 Spiral Cutterhead:

  • Enhanced Cutting Precision: The spiral cutterhead's design allows for smaller, more precise cuts, resulting in a smoother finish on wood surfaces and reducing the need for additional sanding. 
  • Extended Cutter Life: Unlike straight blades that require complete replacement when nicked, spiral cutterhead inserts can be individually replaced, significantly extending the cutter's life and reducing overall maintenance costs.
  • Easy Maintenance: Replacing a cutter on the spiral cutterhead is as simple as removing one screw and replacing the cutter, with no need for recalibrating cutter height.

Customer Reviews

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Bill Blomquist
Upgraded Rigid 13" Planer with Cutech Rollers and Spiral Cutting Head

My old Rigid 13" planner with the new Cutech Rollers and Spiral Cutting Head works fantastic!
Now my planner cuts quietly and gives a very smooth finish without any snipe. (so far with soft wood)
It works better than new!
The spiral cutter's helical engagement to the wood vs the old straight edged blades hammering chop, produces a nice stable cutting sound. As an old machinist, I instantly recognized this superior "sound of the cut".
Plus, the Carbide inserts will stay sharp at least ten times longer than High Speed Steel blades.
My experience with Cutech support was so refreshing.
Cutech was very responsive when I first received a damaged (from shipping) spiral cutting head.
I received a new spiral cutting head within a week.
Also, the install instructions were accurate and clear.
Thank you for the wonderful service and support!

Keith Thaxton
Flawless Cutter Head Installation and Performance: A Happy Customer's Review

I received my packages and everything I ordered was in the package, correct and undamaged. You would think that’s how it should happen all the time no matter who you order from, but take it from a guy who orders online quite a bit, I’ll take a guess and say probably 50% of the things I order have an issue of some sort. By that reasoning, one of the two packages should have contained a problem, but it did not. Thank you to the moon and back for that!
I successfully installed the new cutter head in my Rigid TP1200 thickness planer. Once complete, I immediately ran a board through it to see how it would do. I fully expected to see some lines where each of the cutter inserts are located, especially given I put some soft wood through it on purpose to exaggerate those lines. Much to my surprise, there were no lines at all. And I mean absolutely none! After four passes the board was flat and smooth as a baby’s butt. I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship that went into designing and manufacturing this cutter head. I will say I have pretty high standards and I’m hard to impress, but you all have knocked this one out of the park. I’m still amazed that there are absolutely no lines.
Tonight, I ran several more boards through the planer for a project I am just starting. It was a mixture of some soft wood and some oak. The result tonight was the same as before. Everything came out without any lines. I know in theory how that happens, but I just can’t believe you all were actually able to make that happen in real life. Again, I’m very impressed with how well this new cutter head performs. It speaks volumes about your commitment to quality. For a guy like me, that’s a very big deal.
Without turning this into a huge email going on and on about how awesome this cutter head is, I’ll wrap it up by saying,I’ll be shopping for more Cutech products in the future. Rest assured when it’s time to buy a new power tool, I’ll start at the Cutech website to see if you all have what I need before I go any where else. Thank you again for making such an excellent product and selling it at an affordable price. I’m definitely on team Cutech after this.