Cutech has had a presence in the United States since 2015. Over the course of the last 8 years, Cutech has gained a loyal customer base from professional woodworkers, luthiers, and carpenters to the home hobbyist. Cutech is owned and supplied by Shinmax in Taiwan. Shinmax has been an ODM/OEM for many well-known brands for over 20 years. It has produced a variety of woodworking power tools, from stationary to portable machines. In the past decade, the focus has been on improving the spiral cutterhead design and its application to benchtop planers and jointers.
The name Cutech is the amalgamation of the words "cut” and “tech”. The company's goal is to provide a different kind of cutterhead from the ordinary straight knife and the costly helical cutterhead. Cutech's spiral cutterhead makes it possible for users to own a benchtop machine with the benefits of a helical model, all with a price competitive to a straight knife machine.
Cutech stands behind its products and follows through with excellent customer service. Consumers have access to the most in-depth technical assistance due to the close collaboration between Cutech's Tech Service group and the manufacturer's team of engineers and developers.
The strong connection Cutech has in manufacturing woodworking tools is coupled with an open mind in the operation of its business. Customer comments are reviewed at the highest management level and improvements are always in discussion. The small but mighty Cutech has grown in popularity with woodworking craftsmen across the country. Cutech is proud of the reputation it has built and would never label Cutech machines under a different brand name. Any business or brand claiming to carry upgraded models of Cutech machines is making fraudulent statements.