(BACKORDER) 12" Spiral Cutterhead Benchtop Jointer (Cast Iron Tables) - CUTECH 401120HI
(BACKORDER) 12" Spiral Cutterhead Benchtop Jointer (Cast Iron Tables) - CUTECH 401120HI
(BACKORDER) 12" Spiral Cutterhead Benchtop Jointer (Cast Iron Tables) - CUTECH 401120HI
(BACKORDER) 12" Spiral Cutterhead Benchtop Jointer (Cast Iron Tables) - CUTECH 401120HI
(BACKORDER) 12" Spiral Cutterhead Benchtop Jointer (Cast Iron Tables) - CUTECH 401120HI
(BACKORDER) 12" Spiral Cutterhead Benchtop Jointer (Cast Iron Tables) - CUTECH 401120HI
(BACKORDER) 12" Spiral Cutterhead Benchtop Jointer (Cast Iron Tables) - CUTECH 401120HI
(BACKORDER) 12" Spiral Cutterhead Benchtop Jointer (Cast Iron Tables) - CUTECH 401120HI


(BACKORDER) 12" Spiral Cutterhead Benchtop Jointer (Cast Iron Tables) - CUTECH 401120HI

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Introducing the sizable, extra wide 12” Cutech jointer with the much sought after cast iron tables. The beloved spiral cutterhead straightens out any board irregularities with ease. The 401120HI comes standard with a longer fence and fence enhancement brackets to keep tolerance tight from start to finish. Unrivaled 12-amp Motor gives this jointer extra muscle for tough jobs. Well thought out new design features along with increased performance capable of tackling large jobs.

CUTECH Spiral Cutterhead

CUTECH Spiral Cutterhead

 Cutterhead with 6 rows that holds 24 staggered inserts for a smooth finish.

The design of the cutterhead along with the use of in-house made inserts make cuts with the lowest amp draw compared to others. 

Two-sided Inserts 

Two-sided Inserts

Two-sided inserts sit in perfect alignment to the spiral cutterhead.

Non-cutting edge designed to prevent insert from skewing while planing.

The precision is superior to 4-sided inserts.

Powerful 12-amp Motor


20% boost!

Large 12 amp motor, the most powerful compared to other benchtop jointers on the market.

Highly effective in making aggressive cuts.

Fence Enhancement Brackets 

Fence Enhancement Brackets

Fence enhancement brackets stabilize both ends of the fence for a flawless cut.

Patented in Taiwan

Depth of Cut Pointer 

Depth of Cut Pointer

Clear and accurate scale and pointer for a precise measured cut every time.

Elevation Control

Elevation Control

Say goodbye to table inconsistencies with the additional guide post.

Parallel tables translate to straight cuts at any different depth.

Large Size Table Supports

Large Size Table Supports

The Cutech 12" jointer comes standard with large size Table Supports.

Adjusters positioned near the outer edge for added stability and easy fine tuning.

Additional Support Rod System

Additional Support Rod System

Additional support rod system maintaining a strong upright frame.

Sustaining support for heavy-duty work pieces.

Cast Iron Tables

Cast Iron Tables

New cast iron tables for lasting durability and precision.

A consistent quality cut every time.



24" fence.

Retractable table extensions increase support when needed while maintaining a small footprint.

Adjustable Fence

Adjustable Fence

Adjustable 24” fence with quick stops at 90° and 135°.

Dust Port

Dust Port

Large 4” diameter exhaust with optional 2-1/2” adapter.

Product Patents


(US 8,851,462 C1)


(Patented In Taiwan)




  • Voltage: 120V

  • Current: 12A

  • Frequency: 60Hz

  • Speed: 19000 ± 10% RPM


  • Type: Spiral

  • Diameter: 2”

  • Cutterhead Speed: 11000 RPM

  • Blades: 24 Two-sided Tungsten Carbide Inserts

  • Max Depth of Cut: ⅛"

  • Max Cutting Width: 12”


  • Spiral Cutterhead

  • Two-sided Inserts

  • Powerful 12-amp Motor

  • Extendable Tables

  • Adjustable Fence

  • Cast Iron Tables

  • Redesigned Elevation Control

  • Depth of Cut Pointer

  • Fence Enhancement Brackets

  • Additional Support Rod System

  • Full Size Table Supports

  • Pinch Guards

  • Updated Safety Guard


  • Overall Size: 34" (Extendable to 54”) x 23¾” x 13¼”

  • Tables: 34" (Extendable to 54”) x 12-3/16”

  • Fence Size: 24" x 4⅜”

  • Dust Port Diameter: 2½” & 4"

  • Net Weight: 87.10 lb



Product Links

401120H User Manual
3 Year Limited Warranty


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Joseph Wessels
No Regrets

Got the 12 inch about a year ago. Pondered a bit about what size to get. Recently had a request to square up a cupped shelf ledge, heavy, 11 inch wide, thick, and long. This machine did a good job without bogging down and left a smooth surface with sharp edges. The customer was impressed and I liked not having to use a planner/sled combination to get one side flat. Also, like that the fence has supports at both ends to help prevent it from flexing.

John Merritt
Lotta ang for the buck

Delivery was good.
Easy to assemble.
Nice looking unit.
1st test pass gave a cut on hickory that was smooth as glass.

steve brown
I love it.

This is my first jointer so it is what it is but so far I love this thing.. i got the cast iron fence as well but after looking at the one that comeswith it with and the supports for it i believe i would have been perfectly happy with it but dont get me wrong the cast iron is sweet.. one thing i think would be a good idea is to have some plates that would fit in the slide out table extensions.. but one can make such things i guess..anyway it is super powerful dust suction works great and the knives are a very nice touch unlike my planer with the long knives this one has the right idea.. buy one you will be glad you did..

Richard Verbeck

I went from a 1950s 6 inch delta jointer with straight knives. Now I know what it’s like to be in heaven. This 12 inch spiral head jointer from Cutech is a machine above machines. It does way more than I anticipated.
Thank you, Cutech !!!

Mike D.
Good Jointer

I jointed some reclaimed wood and it did a darn fine job. Much much less noisy than my planer with straight knives (need to fork over the cash for helical head:). Dust collection was spectacular but decent enough... I tend to be conservative with my tools so I was making multiple shallow passes and it did a fantastic job. I'm retired so I can afford to take the extra time. In the next few days I'll be jointing some rather janky oak but I do believe that taking shallow passes everything will turn out just as expected.