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The brand you trust with a new look! The new authorized distributor of CUTECH, located in sunny San Diego, brings a bright new website and team to its customers. CUTECH continues to provide the best spiral cutter head found on bench top jointers and planers. All OEM replacement parts can be found here to keep your CUTECH woodworking machine performing at its best.

Advantages of CUTECH’s Jointers & Planers

  • Durable & reliable cutting tools with spiral cutterheads
  • Highly recommended from reviewers & customers 
  • Quality affordable choice for hobbyist woodworkers


March 16, 2020
Spiral Cutter or Straight Blade Cutter: Is There a Difference?

Maybe you’re ready to buy your first jointer or planer, or perhaps you’re thinking of upgrading to a newer one. If so, you may be wondering if you should purchase one that has a spiral cutterhead or a straight-blade cutterhead. Well, we’ll help you decide by looking at some of the details that set them […]

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January 21, 2020
Sander or Planer: Using the Right Tool for the Right Job

We’ve all done it at least once, we’ve used a substitute tool in place of the right one for the job. For instance, using a screwdriver in place of a chisel, or using pliers when the job calls for a wrench. While using a close-enough tool might be convenient, it can make the job more […]

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January 18, 2020
Jointer vs Planer: What's the Difference & Which to Choose

Do I need a jointer or a planer? When and why do I use each one? Discover what separates jointers vs planers are so you could recognize which tool is best for your wood projects!

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