24" X 6" Cast Iron Fence_RP Jointer-125E+
24" X 6" Cast Iron Fence_RP Jointer-125E+
24" X 6" Cast Iron Fence_RP Jointer-125E+


24" X 6" Cast Iron Fence_RP Jointer-125E+

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Precise Cuts

Larger Work Surface 24" X 6"

Quality Cast Iron For Consistent Performance

Longer (8½") Fence Enhancement Brackets Designed For Cast Iron Fence For Increased Stabilization

Fits All Cutech Jointers

Customer Reviews

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Mike D.
Cast Iron Fence

It did take a little bit (10-15 minutes) to set up to precisely square. I would have preferred a written manual to follow step-by-step (no computer in the shop, garage, to follow a video) and this is the first jointer I have ever owned-not the first one I've used. After watching the video I made the assumption that the screws from the aluminum fence would work, but did not KNOW they would-they did. After jointing a dozen or so boards I can say without hesitation they are spot on square.... wondering if I can somehow use the aluminum fence that came with the jointer as a fence for my band saw. I seriously doubt I will ever joint anything other than 90 degrees. I would purchase it again and I would recommend it to a friend-I'm not a fan of aluminum fences. I would say to be VERY finicky on the fence stabilizers-if you do that then you are golden.

Very good quality

It is a very sturdy fence

John R Mitchell
12 1/2 jointer with cast iron fence is great

All the bolt are tight and the cast iron fence works great thanks for build such a great product.

Benjamin Kasper
Fits a delta 22-560

It fit my delta 22-560!!!! Totally worked. The diameter of the roller is a little bit larger but it worked because it is spring loaded. It was like 1mm larger on the diameter. I probably could have turned it down to the right diameter but it works!

Robert foresta
fantastic addition to cutech 8 inch jointer

I have been so happy with my cutech 8 inch jointer and i wished it had a flat cast iron fence, the grooved aluminum one is hard to clean and oil. And lo and behold, Cutech has done it. I just put it on today and it's easy to swap with the existing fence, I love the added height and length and it's rock solid in place. Thank You Cutech :)