What Is a Woodworking Jointer? 4 Tips to Choose the Best Benchtop Jointer|CUTECH

What Is a Woodworking Jointer? 4 Tips to Choose the Best Benchtop Jointer|CUTECH

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In the realm of woodworking, a jointer is an indispensable tool that can transform rough lumber into a polished piece ready for your next project. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on woodworking jointers. We will then delve into the key factors to consider when choosing a benchtop jointer. Furthermore, we'll share our top picks for the best benchtop jointers for 2023. Whether you're a seasoned woodworker or a beginner, this comprehensive guide aims to enhance your woodworking journey.

What is a Woodworking Jointer?  

A woodworking jointer is a handy tool to quickly flatten one face and one side of a board.  This step is necessary before a board can be thicknessed with a planer.  A jointer can be used to straighten out boards that are cupped or warped thus saving wood that would otherwise be unusable.  


Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Benchtop Jointer 


Jointers are straightforward machines and there's little variation between brands.  The options available to the consumer are the size of the cutterhead, the type of knives, the material of the tables and the adjustability of the fence.

Size of the Cutterhead 

Benchtop jointers come in 3 sizes, 6", 8" and 10".  This corresponds with the maximum width of board a joint can handle.  The small 6" jointer is limited to boards as wide as 6" so it is perfect for small jobs.  The 8" and the 10" are more versatile since they can handle wider boards. The larger jointers also mean less biscuit jointing, an extra step in larger work pieces.

Type of Knives 

The cutterhead size matches the width of the jointer but the style can be a straight blade cutterhead or a spiral cutterhead.  The straight blade will have 2-3 blades running the length of the cutterhead that cuts the wood in long thin strips.  The spiral cutterhead uses small cutters called inserts that are staggered on 6 rolls of the cutterhead.

Material of the Tables 

The tables are required to be perfectly flat in order to produce a flat surface on boards.  Table materials vary from aluminum to Teflon-coated to even cast iron.  The most common tables seen on benchtop planers are aluminum due to its durability and light-weight qualities.  Cast iron is seen most often on larger jointers which on benchtop jointers tend to add quite a bit of weight to the machine making them less portable.

Adjustability of the Fence 

The fence is commonly made of extruded aluminum.  Its role is to guide the board across the table.  It often has preset angles adjustments as well so that making an angled edge joint is fast and easy. 

How to Use a Jointer

A jointer has an infeed and outfeed table with the cutterhead in between them.  The infeed table is adjusted down so that when the board is pushed it makes contact with the cutterhead.  The depth of cut correlates with how low the infeed table is lowered.  The outfeed table supports the board after it has passed the cutterhead. A board can be jointed on one surface and one side as the start to squaring up the board.

Best Benchtop Jointers Worth Considering in 2023 


WEN JT630H 10-Amp 6-Inch Spiral Benchtop Jointer 

The portable WEN 6" jointer is a great companion to have on job sites. The spacious 30" x 6" table provides the right amount of support for small jobs. The flexibility to remove 0 to 1/8" of material with each pass, makes flattening boards a fast and easy process.   With a price tag of $279.42, it is priced competitively in the market. The 2 year warranty is a nice bonus over most companies that only guarantee their machines for 1 year. 


CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Jointer, 10-Amp (CMEW020) 

The Craftsman 6" jointer with its signature red and black colors is worthy of mention.  A well built machine with easy setup out of the box. This traditional straight blade machine with variable speed control from 6,000 RPM up to 11,000 RPM is ideal for edging, flattening and face jointing.  Craftman offers a generous 3 year limited warranty for this benchtop model. 

RIKON Power Tools 20-600H 6" Benchtop Jointer with Helical Cutter head 

The Rikon 6" benchtop jointer is designed for ease of use.  The Helical style cutterhead holds 12 2-sided high speed steel inserts, making replacements cost effective and easy.  The adjustable fence allows for quick angle cuts with presets at 45 degree and 90 degree. Rikon stands by their products in offering a staggering 5 year warranty on this model.

Quality Affordable Woodworking Jointers - Cutech 

Cutech 40180HB

The Cutech 40180HB 8" jointer with 120 Volt 10-Amp motor is a classic standard benchtop jointer indispensable for the weekend warrior.  Engineered for precision, the adjustable depth of cut can perform cuts from 1/32" (?) to 1/8".  The extendable teflon-coated tables offer support for longer boards.

Learn more about CUTECH 40180HB Jointer 

Cutech 40180HI

The latest addition to the Cutech 8" jointer family is the 40180HI jointer with the much anticipated cast iron tables.  Along with a longer fence and fence enhancement brackets, this robust machine handles jobs, small and large, with flawless cuts and exact precision. 

Learn more about CUTECH 40180HI Jointer 

Cutech 401100HI 

A step up from the rest, the new 401100HI 10" cast iron jointer is a stellar addition to any workshop.  Exceptional craftsmanship from the expandable cast iron tables, to the 24" long fence and precision spiral cutterhead, this jointer will easily become a favorite.   

Learn more about CUTECH 401100HI Jointer

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