• Does Cutech have a warranty?

Cutech carries a 3 year limited warranty on its benchtop woodworking machines. For more details, please see the Warranty page:
  • Do Cutech replacement parts fit other machines?

The Cutech 40200H planer design originates from the TP1300 and is manufactured from the same supplier. Most repair parts for the 40200H will fit the TP1300.
  • Why do Cutech spiral cutterhead planers and jointers use 2-sided inserts?

Cutech inserts are OEM by the same manufacturer as Cutech machines. These inserts are machined in-house with tight quality control standards to ensure that the size tolerance is within 0.015mm (0.0006”). Four-sided inserts do not fit Cutech machines. Cutech uses two-sided inserts because the non-cutting sides form a right angle to the cutting direction, providing the best support and preventing the inserts from skewing. In a choice between quality and the extra cutting edges, Cutech chooses quality.
Learn more about Cutech's benchtop jointers and benchtop planers

Orders & Delivery

  • Does Cutech offer a Military and First Responder discount?

Cutech is proud to offer a Military and First Responder discount. Verify with GovX ID to instantly unlock your savings before checkout. (Discount is for machine only)
  • How long is the delivery time?

Once an order is placed and paid in full, orders are usually processed and shipped within 1-3 business days.
Once enroute, orders take approximately 2-5 business days to arrive. During different seasons, UPS may encounter delays due to weather conditions.
  • Where is the product shipped from?

Cutech warehouse and fulfillment centers are located in California and Delaware. The dual coast shipping locations reduces unnecessary delays so that customers can receive their orders promptly.
  • Do you deliver to PO Boxes and Parcel Lockers?

Cutech ships with UPS and UPS does not ship to PO Box addresses. Please provide a street address for shipment.
  • How do I cancel my order?

Please contact Cutech as soon as possible at If the order has not been processed yet, Cutech can issue a full refund.
Once the merchandise is enroute, the Customer is responsible for any return shipping charges.


  • What is your return, refund, & replacement policy? 

Please see the Refund policy page:

Product Knowledge

  • What's the difference between jointer and planer?

A jointer is used to square edges and flatten single faces of wood. And a planer is used to create two flat plane surfaces in wood so that they could be joined. Learn more about Jointer vs Planer.


  • What is Planer Snipe? How to reduce snipe?

Snipe is when a board is noticeably cut deeper on the lead end or tail end after it passes through a benchtop planer. Here we share 4 essential ways to minimize planer snipes.


  • Is there a difference between spiral cutter and straight blade?

A straight-blade cutterhead consists of two or more blades spaced apart on a rotating steel head. Spiral cutterheads consist of small square cutters placed close together in a spiral pattern on a rotating steel head. Straight-blade cutters have been around longer on DIY machines but spiral cutters are growing in popularity. See the comparison between spiral cutter and straight blade cutter.


  • How to choose the best planer?

When selecting a benchtop wood planer, there are several elements you need to consider. Such as cutterhead type, capacity, blade material, etc. See the tips for choosing the best thickness planer.