Evolution Of The CUTECH Spiral CUTTERHEAD

Shinmax (CUTECH’s funder/manufacturer) has been producing benchtop woodworking machines for 20 years, mainly producing Planers and Jointers. In 2007, Shinmax had the opportunity to preview an industrial-grade planer equipped with a helical cutterhead. The engineers marveled at how quiet the machine ran.

The First CUTECH Spiral Cutterhead

This sparked the idea of a spiral cutterhead that performs in a similar fashion to the helical cutterhead while meeting the budget of household consumers. After several failed attempts, the first successful segmented spiral cutterhead was designed and produced in 2008. The experimental data showed the machine operating at a lower current than straight blade machines, thus greatly improving the life of the motor.

Through continuous improvements in specifications and materials, the spiral cutterhead gained a reputation for its performance over the traditional straight blade planers.The positive reception of the spiral cutterhead has gained momentum and today Cutech offers several planer and jointer models to meet consumer needs.