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  • Sander or Planer: Using the Right Tool for the Right Job

    What’s the difference between planer and sander? When do I use each one? Discover what separates planer vs sander is so you could use the right tool for your wood projects!
  • Spiral Cutter or Straight Blade Cutter: Is There a Difference?

    Maybe you’re ready to buy your first jointer or planer, or perhaps you’re thinking of upgrading to a newer one. If so, you may be wondering if you should purchase one that has a spiral cutterhead or a straight-blade cutterhead. Well, we’ll help you decide by looking at some of the details that set them apart. What is a
  • Jointer vs Planer: What's the Difference & Which to Choose

    Anyone experienced in woodworking understands the importance of flat, uniform boards. Rough cut lumber needs four of its sides to be planed; a r...
  • What is Planer Snipe? 2 Essential Ways to Reduce Snipe

    What is planer snipe and what causes snipe? How to eliminate or fix snipe on a planer? Don’t let snipe ruin your woodworking projects! In this...