6” Spiral Cutterhead Replacement Toolkit - CUTECH PS160H


6” Spiral Cutterhead Replacement Toolkit - CUTECH PS160H

Sale price$159.99

Retrofit kit for non-Cutech jointers

Fits JT160, PC160JTCMEW020

This Toolkit includes:

A. 6” Spiral Cutterhead x 1

B. Infeed & Outfeed Tables

C. Leveling Gauge x 2

D. Front Bearing & Retainer x 1

E. Rear Bearing & Retainer x 1

F. Table Screw x 8

G. Tungsten Carbide Inserts x 12

H. Insert Screw x 12

I. Torx Wrench x 1

J. Adjustor Wrench x 1


This video introduces an upgrade for the Delta 6-inch Jointer, replacing straight blades with segmented cutterheads for improved dust collection and chip quality. Tools required for the upgrade, including Allen wrenches and a micrometer for precision, are demonstrated, along with the necessary parts such as a new cutterhead, bearings, and threaded inserts.


Customer Reviews

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Michael Herzog
Great Upgrade

I recently upgraded by Delta with this upgrade kit. It was relatively easy to do. This upgrade makes jointing clean and smooth. It also quiets down the machine. The chips it produces are much smaller and my vacuum sucks up most all of dust without clogging. Thanks, Cutech for putting this together.