8" Spiral Cutterhead Benchtop Jointer - CUTECH 40180H


8" Spiral Cutterhead Benchtop Jointer - CUTECH 40180H

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Cutech 8” Benchtop Jointer

Cutech 8” Benchtop Jointer

8" Benchtop Jointer - The ideal midsize benchtop Cutech jointer with premium features like extendable tables for increased support of longer boards. The spiral cutterhead comes standard with 16 indexable 2-sided inserts to create perfectly flat and square boards to start off any project the right way. From simple flatting to correcting defects in boards to edge jointing, the 8" Cutech jointer is a valuable tool to deliver the precision cuts that woodworkers need to make their projects come to life.

Why Choose an 8 Inch Jointer

1. Versatility
An 8-inch jointer is capable of handling a wide range of board sizes, making it a versatile tool for various woodworking tasks. Whether you're working with narrow or wider boards, an 8-inch jointer can accommodate your needs.
2. Efficiency
With a larger cutterhead, an 8-inch jointer can process boards more quickly than smaller models. This can save you time, especially when working on larger projects or with a larger volume of wood.
3. Quality of Cut
Larger jointers typically have more powerful motors and larger cutterheads, which can result in smoother, more consistent cuts. This can improve the quality of your finished projects.
4. Stability
8-inch jointers are typically more robust and stable than smaller models, which can make them easier to use and can result in more accurate cuts.

Spiral Cutterhead

Cutterhead with 6 rows that holds 16 staggered inserts for a smooth finish.


Depth of Cut

The easy to read depth of cut scale with red pointer correlates with how low the infeed table is lowered to see the amount of material to be taken off.  


Extendable Tables

Versatile 16.5" tables that extend for an additional support up to 25.25”, for a total length of 51”.


Dust Port & Adaptor

Dust Port & Adaptor

Fits 4” and 2 ½ " hose


Enhanced 6H Teflon Coating Table Surface

Aluminum Die Casting Tables


Q1: Why would I choose an 8-inch jointer over a 6-inch model?

An 8-inch jointer offers a wider cutting capacity, allowing you to work with broader boards. This can be especially beneficial for projects that require larger pieces of wood.

Q2: Is an 8-inch jointer big enough?

An 8-inch jointer strikes a balance in functionality and it is the best long-term investment. While it's adequately sized for a majority of tasks, it remains manageable and not overly cumbersome. Its extended infeed and outfeed tables offer stability for bigger projects.

Q3: How often should I replace or sharpen the blades on an 8-inch jointer?

The frequency depends on usage and the type of wood being jointed. Hardwoods can dull blades faster than softwoods. It's essential to regularly inspect the blades for sharpness and replace or sharpen them as needed to maintain optimal performance.



  • Voltage: 120V
  • Current: 10A
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Speed: 19000 RPM


  • Type: Spiral
  • Diameter: 2”
  • Cutterhead Speed: 11000 RPM
  • Blades: 16 Two-sided Tungsten Carbide Inserts
  • Max Depth of Cut: ⅛"
  • Max Cutting Width: 8”


  • Table Extension
  • Depth of Cut Pointer


  • Overall Size: 34" x 19¾" x 13¼”
  • Table: 34" (Extendable to 51”) x 8¼"
  • Fence Size: 19⅝" x 4⅜”
  • Dust Port Diameter: 2½” & 4"
  • Weight: 55.1 lb


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Donald Christman
    Awesome machine

    I’ve had this machine for about five years it has worked flawlessly with a dust vac System I would recommend this to anybody that is looking for a joiner or a planner. Their customer service is great. If you leave a message they call you back. If you have any questions, they will answer them probably one better customer service I’ve ever had.

    Tim Baker
    very happy customer

    I ordered a 8" jointer and received it in less than 2 weeks. They package it with care. After roughly 30 minutes of unpacking and set up i put it to use. worked very well. easy to use very clean smooth cuts. This is my first and hopefully my only jointer. I do my work outside because i do not have a dust collection system. The reason i did not give it a 5 star is because a youtuber was right about how the dust port gets clogged. But there is a easy cheap solution. Go get a back scratcher it fits easy into the dust port for easy removal of wood chips. In a few months i am planning on do another review of this tool. During this time i will be looking at their planers.

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your honest review. We are sorry to hear that you are having an issue with dust clogging on the Cutech 8” jointer. A dust collector is required for the jointer. The Spiral Cutterhead makes small chips so a basic dust collector is sufficient. The other option is a shop vac, which is considered not the most efficient in terms of air flow but it is better than using nothing. To manually clear the dust chute, first remove the dust port. Use a tool for removal because the other end of the dust chute is the cutterhead. Do not use your hand, a back scratcher is a good idea.

    Good jointer. Great company.

    I had an issue with my first machine.

    After relentlessly attempting to calibrate it, the staff fully replaced the machine insisting on my satisfaction.

    The replacement machine arrived in as perfect working order as one should expect in this category of jointer.

    I can not speak highly enough of this company and its dedication to customer satisfaction.

    Thank you to everyone at Cutech !!

    Ed Thorson
    great tool

    Got a Cutech 8" Benchtop jointer in September to replace my 4" Shopsmith jointer. I needed a bigger Jointer. This unit worked great right out of the box! No adjustment required! Of course, I had to assemble the fence that went together without a hitch. Can't ask for more than that! Good job Cutech!

    Best Bench Top Jointer

    A few years ago I read an article about CUTECH SPIRAL JOINTER. Needing to increase production and efficiency I found myself looking for a jointer for my small shop. I read a lot of reviews and watched Youtube making comparisons and came to the conclusion the CUTECH was the best choice so I pulled the trigger. UPS pulled up today and handed me a large box. The packing seemed well thought out and offered adequate protection. Un packing, reading directions, set up and checking accuracy was simple and straight forward. Total time was approximately 1 hr. Turned it on and ran some blocks of cherry and walnut through it, truing them up no problem. This machine is everything I expected based on the reviews I read. I had no issues with parts or quality control and while I did have to adjust the in feed table it was quick and easy! I had it hooked up to my dust collector which worked beautifully! This will be a great addition to my shop.